Practice Areas » Employment Law

Manchel & Brennan's Employment Law Practice guides employers through the evolving maze of employment laws. In our view, prevention is the best way to minimize exposure to litigation. Thus, we provide counseling, training, and compliance assistance to employers in an attempt to avoid disputes with employees. In the unfortunate event that a current or former employee sues, our advocates, all of whom received their training and experience at premiere firms, will be your best defense.


"Do I need to provide the accommodation requested by this employee with a medical issue?"
"Can I fire this employee?"
"Have we been paying this employee properly?"
"Is our handbook up to date?"
"Should we have employment agreements with our employees? Should we implement non-competition agreements? What should they say?"
All questions that employers face on a regular basis. Our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable management-side employment lawyers and will help you with the answers to all of your employment law questions.

Compliance Assistance

Too often, employers do not understand their legal obligations under employment laws. For example, many state and federal laws require covered employers to maintain and/or distribute certain policies that contain required language. By way of another example, many employers attempt to handle an audit by the Department of Labor or another federal or state agency on their own and unwittingly expose themselves to increased damages, fines and penalties. Our attorneys, who are well-versed in labor and employment laws, can assist you to ensure that your company and all of its human resources practices and policies are in compliance with applicable laws.


Although not statutorily required in every state, management training is essential to ensuring compliance with employment laws. Let us train your managers so that your company can minimize legal exposure. Examples of training topics include: Unlawful Harassment; Accommodating Persons with Disabilities; Hot Topics in Employment Law; Proper Interviewing and Hiring Techniques; and conducting Internal Investigations; and Union Avoidance.


Unfortunately, it is inevitable. Most employers ultimately are forced to defend against claims by current or former employees. If it happens, your best defense is a good offense. Our seasoned attorneys have a track record of success in litigation, arbitration and mediation.