Practice Areas

Recruitment Law

Manchel & Brennan’s Recruitment Law Group provides one-stop, national legal service to corporations looking for assistance with matters arising out of employees moving to and from the competition.  Our national and international experience and expertise allows us to address every facet of hiring and/or the fallout caused by departed employees.  From questions about whether and to what extent non-competition agreements are or should be enforced, to arranging interviews with and the resignation of recruits, to post-resignation litigation, Manchel & Brennan will guide you through the recruiting minefield.  Manchel & Brennan also has extensive experience helping corporations undergoing significant changes — mergers, acquisitions, stock down grades, compensation reformatting, executive level arrivals and departures — address the types of retention and recruitment challenges often presented by such events.  Please click here to learn more about our Recruitment Law practice area.

Employment Law

Manchel & Brennan’s Employment Law Practice guides employers through the evolving maze of employment laws.  In our view, prevention is the best way to minimize exposure to litigation.  Thus, we provide counseling, training, and compliance assistance to employers in an attempt to avoid disputes with employees.  In the unfortunate event that a current or former employee sues, our attorneys, all of whom received their training and experience at premier firms, will be your best defense.  Please click here to learn more about our Employment Law practice area.

Securities & Commercial Litigation

Don’t let our size fool you:  Manchel & Brennan has extensive experience representing broker-dealers and insurance companies and their financial advisors and agents in customer dispute cases.  Perhaps more important, our track record in this area is nothing short of remarkable.  Please click here to learn more about our Securities Litigation practice area.

Manchel & Brennan also represents clients in the litigation of a wide range of business disputes.  We develop efficient, cost-effective resolutions and aggressive litigation strategies for our clients.  We are highly experienced attorneys prepared to pursue our clients’ claims in court or arbitration.  At all times our focus is to resolve conflicts in a manner that advances our clients’ business goals and objectives.  Please click here to learn more about our Commercial Litigation practice area.