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ADR A ‘Burgeoning’ Sector, But It Isn’t A Legal Cure-all.” Experts Warn Against Knee-Jerk Desire to Avoid Pricey Litigation.

Boston Business Journal, Vol. 26, No. 5, Special to the Journal
By Mary K. Pratt

Manchel & Brennan, P.C. founder Steven Manchel discusses alternative dispute resolution and the issues surrounding when to use mediation. “It has become far more prevalent than it used to be,” said Manchel, “and it’s not only grown in terms of use but in terms of sophistication. For me the biggest issue is not whether to use mediation but when.” Manchel also noted that a growing number of lawyers and their clients request mediation early in the process, before either side has had a chance to gather key information. If such mediation does not fully resolve those cases, you have “essentially given them free discovery.” Click here to read the full article.