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The Business of Lift Outs. Once Taboo, Hiring Away Teams Is Getting Popular.

Boston Sunday Globe, Business Section
By Robert Weisman, Boston Globe Staff Writer

Manchel & Brennan, P.C. founder Steven Manchel comments that the number of group hirings, called “lift outs” by Executive Recruiters looking to sanitize the action, is on the rise. Mr. Manchel notes, “while that word didn’t exist three years ago, [Manchel & Brennan, P.C.] now handles about 10 lift outs a year, representing both companies eager to hire teams and lift-out victims clamoring to sue.” Attorney Manchel noted further that, “this has become a very, very hot topic in the business world. Now you have executive search firms actually going out there looking for groups of people to lure away.” Although a group, as opposed to an individual, transfer presents significant upside possibilities, such efforts are fraught with equally significant potential liability if not handled properly from the outset.