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OK, This is a Raid. I Can't Believe They Took the Whole Team: Recruiters Aren't Just Poaching Stars.  Now, Nabbing Groups of Employees Is On The Rise

BusinessWeek:  Best and Worst of 2006
By Jena McGregor

Manchel & Brennan, P.C. founder Steven Manchel remarks on the growing phenomenon of corporations attempting to "lift out" groups of personnel from the competition, as opposed to using the traditional method of hiring one individual at a time. The author observed that, "while lift outs have been common in such industries as financial services and the law, the practice of snatching plug and play teams has been expanding into other fields." Mr. Manchel agrees, noting that "we've even seen it happen between recruiters, which has its own irony." Of particular importance is the recommendation that corporations looking at lift outs "consult your lawyer. Lift outs are complex procedures and raise a host of legal issues, such as violating non-compete clauses or unfair competition. Companies who do try them should involve counsel at the earliest possible stage."